About company

About us

EKOZUB sp. z o.o. was incorporated in 2011. Our activities focus on the energy sector and many other industries. Our main customers are power plants, combined heat and power plants, and industrial facilities. We specialise in building cleaning systems for heating surfaces of boilers and heat exchangers in contact with the flue gas. We solve operational issues connected with the solid fuel suspension and in slag and ash discharge systems, also with the application of the shockwave technology.

Our installations provide our customers with tangible economic effects – the quantities of the fuel burned get reduced and equipment availability is boosted. Our cleaning systems when integrated in the equipment eliminate the need of cumbersome manual cleaning of heat exchange surfaces. We also offer services of wet gas cleaning and cavitation cleaning of pipelines.  We cooperate with scientific centres in Poland and abroad. Our technologies allow to solve operational issues encountered in the energy sector and other industries.

Among other things, our services comprise:

  • Overhang removal installations in bunkers and storages of biomass, culm, and other loose materials.
  • Technical inspections of boilers and industrial installations.
  • Wet gas cleaning installations based on water scrubbers.
  • Optimisation of fuel feeding systems and slag and ash discharge systems.
  • Cavitation cleaning of pipelines.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • Installations of cleaning systems of heat exchange surfaces in boilers and heat exchangers based on GFU-24/8 shockwave generators for:
  • OR and WR grate boilers,
  • Fire-tube boilers and heat exchangers,
  • Biomass fired boiler,
  • Solid fuel fired boilers,
  • Waste heat boilers in waste disposal installations,
  • Waste heat boilers in technological installations.

Our many years’ experience enables us to solve even the most challenging and costly problems of our customers.

We look forward to our cooperation.