Pressure pipelines

Pressure pipelines cleaning by means of hydrodynamic cavitation generators

Many industries, including mining, face a big challenge of cleaning technological pipelines of deposits accumulated inside. The type and structure of the deposits can differ, depending on their composition and on mineral admixtures of the flowing water. Due to large diameters and long sections of pipelines, methods known so far are costly and their effectiveness is insufficient. Most often users decide to replace old pipelines with new ones or to integrate new pumps.

Currently, EKOZUB sp. z o.o. is introducing to the Polish market the technology of cleaning technological pipelines by means of hydrodynamic cavitation generators. A series of generators capable of removing deposits quickly and effectively has been developed. Thanks to the phenomenon of cavitation the deposits adhering to pipeline walls are crushed and transported by the flowing liquid. Local changes in static pressure that occur during the flow of the liquid through small openings cause the occurrence of gas bubbles, which rapidly collapse, causing a shockwave.

Effects obtained from the use of cavitation generators:
  • No need to build new pipelines,
  • No need to build new pumps,
  • Reduction of fluid flow resistance values,
  • Reduction of electric energy consumption for liquid pumping,
  • Increase of volumes of the flowing liquid,
  • Restoring good technical parameters of old pipelines,
  • Old pipelines can be scrapped or recycled.

Check out a detailed description of the process of technological pipelines cleaning. Recently, we have conducted tests on cleaning a pipeline in a coking plant, with a positive result.