Scope of activities

Scope of activities

EKOZUB Sp. z o.o. reaches the goals entrusted to it in a comprehensive and professional way, offering services tailored to the customers’ needs.


EKOZUB Sp. z o.o solves issues connected with the deposition of sediments and dust on different surfaces. We specialise in building cleaning systems for heating surfaces of boilers and heat exchangers in contact with the flue gas.  We solve operational issues connected with the solid fuel suspension and in slag and ash discharge systems, also with the application of the shockwave technology.  Our installations provide our customers with tangible economic effects – the quantities of the fuel burned get reduced and equipment availability is boosted. Our cleaning systems when integrated in the equipment eliminate the need of cumbersome manual cleaning of heat exchange surfaces. We also offer services of wet gas cleaning and cavitation cleaning of pipelines.  We cooperate with scientific centres in Poland and abroad. Our technologies allow to solve operational issues encountered in the energy sector and other industries.

The operation of a system based on the GFU-24/8 shockwave generators results in enhanced efficiency and boosted availability of a unit or a node, as well as solving of an operational issue and reduction of the human factor, which in turn improves occupational health and safety status of the plant.

We approach each customer individually, thoroughly analysing their issues and needs. Our specialists’ preliminary visits to our customer’s plant allow us to investigate their problems up close and to suggest an optimal solution. Our technologies and equipment are innovative and unique.

Problem analysis is followed by the installation design step. We entrust the task of selecting appropriate devices and location of their integration to the best specialists.

We provide:

  • Cooperation with a well-qualified team with over 10 years of experience in cleaning installations.
  • Designs developed by means of the state-of-the-art tools and software available on the market.
  • Technical consultancy.
  • Complete technical documentation.


The production step takes place in our Żerdziny plant and is carried out basing on advanced technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. Due to the fact that we manufacture our equipment ourselves, we are able to offer top-quality products.  Our production facilities enable us to approach each order individually. Our appliances have safety approvals and are safe to use.


EKOZUB Sp. z o.o. executes comprehensive assembly of its installations in Poland as well as abroad. Assemblies of our installations are compliant with the good engineering practice and years of experience, which guarantees good execution of the installations.


After the start-up, we make every effort to make sure our customer is satisfied with our systems. EKOZUB Sp. z o.o. provides professional technical support services during their guarantee period; furthermore, we offer attractive prices for post-guarantee services. We also recommend the purchase of top-quality spare parts kits to our appliances.

Currently, ca. 700 shockwave generators successfully solve operational issues in over 200 facilities in Poland and abroad. The first installation was assembled in 2009 and it has been operating with great efficiency to date.